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Digital printing as the ideal solution for food labels.

Kari Schelbert, owner of the dairy Hauslieferdienst Schelbert and long-time customer of Selfix AG in Otelfingen, developed the legendary beer fondue "Maisgold Fondue," which became a success. According to Schelbert, for a product to be successful, the labeling and all processes throughout the value chain must meet the highest standards. Without this, success would fail to materialize.

In addition to being a "modern milkman" for private households (with products such as milk, butter, yogurt, eggs, and seasonal products), Schelbert produces a ton of his famous and unique Maisgold beer fondue every year from October to April. In the process, he makes his own fondue and personally applies a Selfix label to each of his fondue packages, which also meet the stringent food label requirements. As a self-made man and a one-man operation, he is particularly proud of this handmade approach. in 1989, Schelbert saw an ad in the regional newspaper that the area was again looking for a milk service. "Why not," he recounts today, looking back, "take a chance on something new." At a training course, he came up with the brilliant idea of his own fondue. The special thing about it was that it had to be beer-infused. A beer idea? Yes and no. The beer "Maisgold", which is well known in the region, was perfectly suited in terms of consistency. "Because a fondue needs a very gentle beer, which is what the Maisgold is. This beer allows the cheese flavor to really come out," Schelbert explains. Schelbert continued to develop his "Maisgold Fondue" beer fondue at home. Production took place in his then newly built business building. in 2007, Schelbert launched the "Maisgold Fondue" on the market. An impressive order quantity of one ton is produced annually. It is purchased directly by private households as well as by distributors such as the Rosengarten brewery in Einsiedeln, Einsiedeln Christmas market, various wholesalers, beverage markets, cheese huts, etc.

Corn Gold Fondue

The right label

The most important thing about fondue is its shelf life and freshness. Thus, it must always be refrigerated at a minimum of five degrees Celsius or less. In the case of a food label required for this purpose, care should be taken in any case to ensure that all food regulations are mandatorily complied with. This applies above all with regard to the material components used. For direct labeling, for example, harmless adhesives are required. Consumer concerns and packaging considerations mean that applied food labels are often stored in a wide variety of environments. These environmental conditions have a direct impact on the choice of material and label construction. For example, in cold environments, condensation can form on the surface of the package. In this case, a pressure-sensitive adhesive must have good adhesion to damp substrates and in refrigerated environments. Selfix deep-freeze labels have a deep-freeze capability down to -40 degrees Celsius. In addition, the fondue label must include nutritional information. When choosing the printing process, especially for analog or digital printing, the decisive factors are usually the print image, the costs, and the customer's requirements. Digital printing is particularly well suited for these small to medium fondue runs.

Dairy home delivery service Schelbert

1985 Foundation of the "Molkerei Hauslieferdienst Schelbert" as a one-man business. Offer: Milk Butter Yogurt, eggs etc. as well as seasonal products and the famous beer fondue "Schelbert". Available directly from: Karl Schelbert, Tel. 079 356 69 35, Räbengasse 2, 6422 Steinen.

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Cyril Fischer