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Inkjet labeling solution for Du Mouret cheese dairy

The "Dairy du Mouret" is one of our loyal customers and has chosen "Selfix" to create a label printing solution for their products such as cheese, butter and fresh milk. We are proud to be part of the success of the "Dairy du Mouret".

"Cheese dairy du Mouret" - the past

The oven and fruit store was built at the end of the 18th century. in 1833, these premises were expanded to form a blacksmith shop, bakery and fruit (dairy). Already in 1854 there were four houses, the essential elements of this building built of rubble masonry, one of the defining elements of the square of the Mouret intersection. The classical and symmetrical architecture of the facades and openings is emphasized by the shape of the "awakened" roof in four sections, an austere form of the building reinforced by a robust curved drive.

"Dairy du Mouret" - the present

To overcome the many problems of the former dairy due to the small size of the premises, their obsolescence and their close proximity to the canton road, it was necessary to implement a construction project. This allowed René Kolly to produce this magnificent cheese dairy, which blends beautifully with the old building and the crossroads of Mouret. Everything has been improved: safety of access to the dairy, strengthening of the regional economy, protection of the environment, invitation to cordiality during the visit of the dairy.
Twice a day, directly after milking, the milk is collected from the dairy on the farm and delivered directly to the cheese factory. Each delivery is controlled and analyzed, the milk does not undergo any heat treatment until it is transformed. This ensures that the flora retains its typical flavor. Milk is produced within a radius of 5 km around the cheese factory. The requirements for milk production are very high. The quality criteria are the strictest in Switzerland or even in the world.

Du Mouret - Labels for cheese
Du Mouret - Labels for cheese

The store

In the dairy store of "Mouret" you will find fresh products that naturally pass by the cheeses (Gruyère AOC, Vacherin Fribourg AOC, semi-hard specialties "Le Cousimbert", tomato raw milk and Serac), yogurt with different flavors, butter and bottled milk.

For lovers of gourmet dairy products, the "Mouret" dairy store is a must, ideal for aperitifs with friends, weddings or other celebrations.

Here you will also find the famous half-and-half fondues and various types of raclette cheese to spend pleasant moments.

Criteria to be met

Mr. Kolly needs to find a good and flexible labeling solution for custom labeling of cheese and dairy products.

The challenge

The challenge was to flexibly label different products and quantities with first-class quality labels.

"Selfix: Labels of first choice

Food labeling must generally meet very strict requirements. In particular, the materials used must comply with the provisions of the Food Act. Selfix AG therefore recommends that Mr. Kolly of the "Mouret" dairy print the labels himself using an EPSON C3500 inkjet printer and neutral roll inkjet labels in two different sizes made of glossy white inkjet paper with a permanent adhesive.

Mr. Kolly is enthusiastic and decides to use 70x35mm labels, which allow him to mark more than 30 products with variable imprints, including small flags for cheese (see picture above) and round Ø-40mm labels. This enables him to print and label more than 10 variable-imprint products himself "on demand". To enable Mr. Kolly to print the round labels on the EPSON C3500, we developed a so-called "kiss cut" label with a square outer die-cut of 46x46mm and roundels of Ø-40mm to circumvent the non-adjustability of the feed sensor and to enable Mr. Kolly to print with a falling edge.


By choosing the color inkjet printer and Selfix labels, the "Cheese dairy du Mouret" can print its labels with remarkable flexibility, especially for events such as weddings, birthdays, dinners business or other occasions. It is also possible to print custom labels such as wedding photos and a company logo, thus adding real value to the products to be labeled.
Mr. Benoit Kolly summarizes his experience: "Thanks to the color label printing solution, we can act faster and more efficiently and better meet our customers' needs."

"Dairy du Mouret"

2003 Founded by Mr. René Kolly

House specialtiesGruyère
AOC : 345'000 kg/yearVacherin
Fribourgeois AOC : 47'000 kg/yearSemi-hard
cheese - house speciality : Le Cousimbert : 18'000 kg/anTomme
lait cru : 2500 kg/yearSérac
: 2200 kg/year

Dairy products (based on " sélection village")
:Yogurt " artisanal " jar 180 and 500g / 18 different flavorsHomemade
pasteurized milk in jar of 1l (directly after milking)
Double creamButter
"Artisan" 100 and 200gFondue
half/half (Gruyère AOC and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOC)
Vacherin Fribourgeois AOC Pure Fondue

Laiterie du Mouret, route de la Gruyère 6, 1724 FerpiclozTel.
+41 26 413 11 07, Fax +41 26 413 46 13,

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