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Love for local specialties and impressive labels.

"We love good wine and good food, and what you love, you like to do well," says Jürg Müller. He is a restaurateur in Zurich and spends his weekends relaxing in Graubünden. During a leisurely get-together with business partner Matthias Elmer, a restaurateur in Seewis in Prättigau, the idea was born to produce his own Röteli and, since this fall, the Graubünden Master. No sooner said than done! As a result, they rehearsed, tasted, then produced and founded the company Crestaprodukte GmbH for this purpose.

Crispy and tasty

The Fausch bakery in Seewis produces a nut spindle from fine local ingredients according to the recipe of the two, thus also supporting the local trade. Those who produce such sustainable specialties also want to see them labeled accordingly. That's where the couple's friend Daniel Stüdeli, a graphic designer in Zurich (, comes in. He designs and creates all the labels for the various products and works with the company Selfix, as a label specialist.

Love of local specialties

Jürg Müller has been running the restaurant "Du Théâtre", which is located in Zurich's Seefeld not far from the opera house, for five years. He spoils his guests with exquisite and often unusual dishes. The large wine selection is complemented by a Zurich Räuschling and a Zurich Pinot Noir, both of which are also designed with Selfix labels.

The result is impressive

The Röteli as an autumn/winter drink is traditionally served on festive occasions, at Christmas and New Year's Eve and at family celebrations. In the Prättigau, each family has its very own recipe. The Nussschindle, which can be enjoyed piece by piece, goes with it. The Bündnermeister, a herbal liqueur with Bündner spring water, mountain mint and orange, is a year-round drink for an often young target group; neat, iced, with Redbull - as a digestive or party drink.

High-quality packaging and label

Finest, sustainable ingredients, domestic production, high-quality bottle; all this requires a correspondingly high-quality and sustainable label. Daniel Stüdeli designed the logos in earthy colors and found a Swiss natural paper. The first bottles were still laboriously glued by hand with copied labels. It quickly became clear that this was too cumbersome, and in their

search for a solution they came across the label printing company Selfix from Otelfingen ZH. And the solution is there: a natural, matte, haptically appealing paper, printed at Selfix on the new TAU330 digital printing press. The labels, supplied on rolls, are a hit. Jürg Müller is thrilled: "These wine labels on rolls are easy and easy to remove and stick excellently to the bottles. No "Eckli" or larger area comes off. And this is also the case when the bottle is chilled. Simple handling with top quality!"

Digital printing convinces

No other industry has such a wide range of applications for labels as the food industry," also notes Kurt Fischer, owner and managing director of Selfix AG. "Labels provide information about the contents and the packaging and at the same time support the product in its brand statement and identity." In doing so, it is important to ensure a high level of product differentiation and specifications. Today, a food label must be able to do many things. An extensive exchange of information is necessary between the customer and the label manufacturer in order to precisely define the individual label requirements. Selfix AG opted for digital printing for these food labels, the right choice for meeting customer requirements due to the flexibility, short makeready times, lightfastness of the inks and the resulting cost-effectiveness and quality!

Jürg Müller is convinced that his products meet the trend of the times. He already produces around 1200 bottles of Röteli and Bündnermeister per year. "And all this with the labels of Selfix AG," Müller concludes with satisfaction. The latest innovation is Röteli-Glacé, which is already on the dessert menus of various restaurants.

Crestaprodukte GmbH
We develop, produce and sell products from the Prättigau and the Bündner Herrschaft, which we like, are from traditional recipes or are produced according to our ideas. They can be food or luxury food and articles of daily use. Whenever possible, ingredients or raw materials from the region are used and we support small businesses and regional trade.
Cresta Röteli: Liqueur with Swiss Kirsch, organic oranges, organic lemons, cinnamon, cherries, cloves and various spices. 70cl - CHF 38.--Nuss
Schindle: nut pastry with roasted hazelnuts and little sugar, goes perfectly with red wine or coffee. 180g CHF 9.50Bündner
Meister: Bündner Meister is our herbal liqueur with oranges, Bündner spring water and mountain mint.
75cl - CHF 32.50Schnid
Brätt: Cut from one piece of wood, indestructible and everlasting.
Price depending on size.
www.crestaprodukte.choder at Restaurant Du Théâtre, Dufourstrasse 20, 8008 Zurich, Tel. 044 251 48 44

«Behind every label is an exciting application. At Selfix you will find individual labels or bespoke labels of the highest quality, stock labels and complete label solutions for industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, trade and commerce, industry and public administration. Call on us and get more out of your labels!»
Cyril Fischer