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Selfix labels for Sternen Grill, the original

Our best success stories are those of our customers. More than 1,500 of our customers are success stories. At the Sternen Grill in Zurich, we were able to simply label their products and thus become part of their success. Find out here what role Selfix labels play.

Sternen Grill - the original

The Sternen Grill on Bellevueplatz in Zurich is something of a "culinary institution" and is probably in every tourist guide. Whether you are a local or a foreigner in the city - a St.Gallen bratwurst from the "Sternen Grill" with the devilishly hot mustard is a must. Since 1962, the Rosenberger family has been serving food at the "Bellevue" in the Limmat City, although the original building had to make way for a new building in 2011. But the "Sternen Grill" on the first floor, its sausage and mustard have remained as they have always been and above it, on the 1st floor, the new "Sternen Grill Restaurant OBEN" with terrace seating has emerged a very popular address for a good middle-class and uncomplicated culinary pleasure!

Different upstairs than downstairs

The restaurant's menu naturally includes the certified St. Gallen Bratwurst. As at the Sternen Grill, the guest receives the sausage with a crispy and tasty Gold Bürli. The difference between the first floor and the second floor: the sausage is served and the Gold Bürli is served in a paper bag so that any leftovers can be taken home.

If you are in the mood for "Währschaftes" and want to go for classics, the "Sternen Grill Restaurant OBEN" is the place to be: In addition to the popular sausages and cervelats, veal liver, meat loaf, "Züri-Geschnetzeltes", "G'hackets mit Hörnli" or for vegetarians Chässpätzli with Brösmeli, Älpler Magronen and various salads tempt you to enjoy.

The long tables are set and the menu is ready on the tables even before the guests sit down. Guests mark their preferred dishes and combinations on the menu with the large flat carpenter's pencil, since side dishes, additions, sauces, etc. are freely selectable. Slate boards in the restaurant inform about the current and seasonal offer, which can also be found on the order form as "seasonal pasta", "seasonal omelet" etc.. Everything uncomplicated and intended for the quick service of the guest. And labeling has to be just as uncomplicated!

Belgrill requirements for labels

Thomas Rosenberger remembers well the initial clarifications regarding the choice of labels: "For me, the subject of labels was really new territory and we first had to familiarize ourselves with the subject. Our sausages "to go" are vacuum packed and also have cool surfaces. In addition to flexibility, purely design criteria are also a priority for all packaged products. So we wanted solutions that would ensure this flexibility."

No desire to print yourself?

We print labels for industries such as food and beverage, logistics, trade and commerce, and more.

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Star grill

Selfix: optimal labels

Food products generally place high demands on label solutions. Among other things, the material components used must comply with food regulations. Selfix AG, Bernhard Keel, Marketing and Sales Manager, subsequently recommends that Sternen Grill undertake labeling solutions in digital printing and work with a special permanent adhesive (hotmelt). "Unlike other printing processes, digital printing does not incur cliché costs. Depending on the desired quantities and flexibility requirements, this process is fast, inexpensive and very flexible," Keel knows further. In addition, the labeling is intended to provide a quasi first-opening guarantee, because when a mustard jar is unscrewed, the label is inevitably damaged. A label that is still complete, on the other hand, virtually certifies freshness and newness to the customer.

«Behind every label is an exciting application. At Selfix you will find individual labels or bespoke labels of the highest quality, stock labels and complete label solutions for industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, trade and commerce, industry and public administration. Call on us and get more out of your labels!»
Cyril Fischer