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Good lubrication requires good labels

today a high-tech company producing lubricants and technical cleaning agents with a range of around 1600 products. At the same time, the traditional family-owned company Strub + Co. AG in the heart of Switzerland in Reiden has succeeded in living quality, ecology and innovation. Thus, the name "Strub" has stood for high-tech products for almost 100 years.

Where good lubrication and equally good labels are indispensable

It is by no means a simple profession; there is a wide variety of lubrication and tribological applications. This includes everything to do with industrial lubricants, water-miscible cooling lubricants, non-water-miscible cooling lubricants, automotive for cars, trucks, construction, transport, agriculture and H1 lubricants. Production is based on the highest hygiene and risk standards. STRUB is one of the first SME companies in the world to be certified with ISO 21469 for lubricants in food production. STRUB produces an excellent range of lubricants for all applications in the food, cosmetics, packaging and pharmaceutical industries. The range is NSF (H1), Halal and Kosher registered and inspected and certified by NSF to ISO standard 21469. Here, precision comes first. Careful import and export control guarantees consistently high quality and product safety.

Reliability and durability are special requirements for the use of labels on lubricants. This applies to both the container and the label. Stronger adhesives are therefore required for labeling these diffusing media.

Label adhesion on diffusing containers

Particularly with diffusing media, the question of label adhesion on containers and packaging over a long period of time is a fundamental success factor. Strub + Co. AG packages the media in various types of its own containers and a large number of customer-specific containers, which are produced and labeled on a production line in full, half or individual filling. It is essential to ensure a high level of product differentiation and specifications.

Requirements for the labels

The label requirements were clearly defined: A durable, long-lasting and white adhesive label had to be found so that the labels could survive possible medium impact or scratches without damaging the barcode, hazard warnings and label text. It quickly became clear that only digital printing would be suitable for the continuous imprint of barcodes and that only a protective laminate would provide the necessary protection against mechanical impact.

Suitable combination of face material and adhesive

A variety of factors play a role in determining the appropriate combination of face material and adhesive to ensure success. An extensive exchange of information between the customer and the label manufacturer is essential in order to precisely define the individual requirements.

Thus, the choice of the right hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (such as acrylic dispersion, solvent acrylic, rubber-based HMPSA as well as UV acrylic HMPSA) plays an important role. Selfix AG resorted to particularly strong adhesive materials to ensure that the labels would adhere adequately even in the presence of strong diffusion.

Environmental friendliness

A label should always be environmentally friendly, because sooner or later it ends up in the waste. With these container labels, great attention has been paid to this, because sustainability is a top priority at STRUB. When labeling lubricants, care must be taken to ensure that all regulations are strictly adhered to. This applies above all with regard to the material components used. For direct labeling, for example, harmless adhesives are required, such as a migration-free adhesive and low-migration inks.

Label success factor: branding and information

Reliable product labeling has become indispensable in industry. The requirements range from the right labeling solution, label production and finishing to label software and warehouse management as well as transport, post-processing and quality control. Labels must provide information on the contents and packaging of the 1,600 different lubricant products and cleaning agents and also support the product in its brand statement and product identity. To this end, comprehensive labels are needed for subsequent marking of variable data. This includes hazard labels, manufacturer information, product descriptions in several languages, and the label itself. Four basic layouts are already punched out on the rolls. Due to the high production volume and the associated automatic dispensing, roll labels are used almost exclusively.


Isidor Röösli, plant manager and deputy managing director of STRUB + Co. AG, concludes: "A label must inspire. After all, they are first and foremost part of the first impression a customer gets of our product. For this purpose, an extensive exchange of information must take place between the customer and the label manufacturer in order to precisely define the individual requirements for the label. As a long-time customer of Selfix AG, we are completely satisfied with all these high-value processes, where all the individual parts have to fit together seamlessly. And as an added bonus, we praise the flexibility that enables us to act successfully with our partner Selfix, even at short notice."

STRUB Swiss Tribology

The traditional family business Strub + Co. AG in the heart of Switzerland, is an independent lubricant and technical cleaning agent manufacturer. Around 150 employees work for Strub + Co. AG worldwide. Through international subsidiaries and representatives in over 60 countries, we guarantee customer proximity and can respond quickly to customer needs.


Swiss Tribology

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