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Impressive labels for Valyxir SA

Valyxir SA is one of our new customers and has chosen Selfix as a partner to find a solution for the labeling of their cosmetic products.

At the beginning, Mrs Dr Anne-Laure Dessimoz wanted to launch two products, "SÉRUM REVITALISANT AUX FLEURS DE MONTAGNE" and "HUILE POUR LE VISAGE AUX FLEURS ALPINES" in the heart of the canton of Valais.

Valyxir SA, meeting with the founder, Dr Anne-Laure Dessimoz


Valyxir SA

My name is Anne-Laure. I am a scientist with a PhD in chemical engineering and the founder of Valyxir SA. Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by potions and elixirs. The decision to study chemistry was a natural choice to try to unlock the secrets of nature.

My entrepreneurial adventure began in 2018, when I decided to rekindle my passion for cosmetics. I quit my job, returned to my family's home and converted the garages into a formulation lab.

When I investigated what grows locally at higher altitudes, I discovered that the Swiss Alps are full of plants that are among the most remarkable in the world. Valyxir was born out of a desire to harness the potential of alpine flowers to create high-performance, certified skincare products.

By carefully selecting local ingredients with proven efficacy, we were able to develop innovative formulas that are both natural and effective.

Valyxir SA - Product manufactured in Switzerland

Valyxir SA


Our skincare elixirs are not only produced in Switzerland, but also made from local raw materials. We maximize the amount of local ingredients in each formula, which is why you won't find shea butter, argan oil or jojoba oil. The alpine flowers we use, with their highly valued properties, are grown locally in the Alps.

The criteria to be met

Mrs Dessimoz has to find a good solution with the best value for money around the choice of labels.

The challenge

How can we label the different sized bottles of these products as quickly and easily as possible with labels that match the quality of the products on offer, while being flexible enough to print the labels with different batch numbers.

Selfix: labels of the highest quality

The labeling of products is usually subject to very strict requirements. In particular, the materials used must comply with current legal requirements.

The company Selfix AG, through Mr Jean-Claude Granges, Sales for Western Switzerland, after informing Mrs Dessimoz about the needs and the desired requirements for these products, recommends her to pre-print the labels at Selfix, laminate them with Soft Touch for a soft feel when touching the product, and print the batch numbers on the labels herself using a TSC TE310 printer. To save time and make it easier for her to label the bottles, he also suggests she purchase an "all-in-one" Label Rewinder and a DTM-PRINT (Primera) AP360 semi-automatic labeler.

The return on investment with this solution is considerable due to the time Dr. Dessimoz saves on labeling.


Valyxir SA
Valyxir SA
Valyxir SA

Label printer TSC TE310

Valyxir SA

Label dispenser DTM-PRINT (PRIMERA) AP 360

Valyxir SA


Choosing the solution of thermal transfer printer, rewinder, semi-automatic labeler and "Selfix" labels, Ms. Dessimoz summarizes her experience: "Thanks to the thermal transfer label printing solution, I can act faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively on short runs of labels (per batch), thus efficiently satisfying my customers".

Selfix Inc. Case postale 282, 1926 Fully, tél. +41 79 932 71 07,,

Valyxir SA, route de Savoie, 105, 1975, St-Séverin, Valais,

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Cyril Fischer