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It is precisely the holistic view of the labeling process that reveals a great deal of potential.

Do you look at your label processes holistically?

We take a holistic, hollistic view of label processes, because the actual label is just one piece of the puzzle in the overall label process, i.e. the label, the transport of the print data to the label, the printing of the variable data and the dispensing. If these four factors are optimally coordinated, you achieve low operating costs.

Label processes have become more complex over the years. Nowadays, labels do much more than they used to, whether as information carriers of 1D or 2D codes (barcodes, QR codes, data matrix codes) or as functional labels for the first-opening guarantee. In addition, it is necessary to comply with food law or other regulations and to take into account the effects of temperature, humidity or shelf life. Tests under practical conditions with sample labels and data sheets provide clarity here and ultimately guarantee functionality and suitability for use.

At Selfix you will find various label printers, monochrome thermal printers and color label printers in different designs, resolutions, performance classes, peripherals, connections etc. When designing label solutions, we place great emphasis on aspects such as functionality, operating costs, portability, ergonomics, availability, integration and performance.

An important and often underestimated aspect is the transport of the variable imprint data onto the labels, actually a matter of informatics. Selfix offers here numerous possibilities for easy connection of label printers to existing and even complex IT infrastructures by means of NiceLabel/software. There are several software packages to choose from, ranging from simple designers to PowerForms click solutions to automatic label printing from defined processes such as delivery note printing, scanning and more. Selfix has software specialists that massively simplify, secure, optimize, trace and delegate the label printing process.

At the end of the day, a label only works when it is affixed. We have noticed that the actual dispensing process is given too little weight in label solution considerations, even though there is an enormous amount of hidden savings potential here. Semi-automatic label dispensers for less than CHF 1000, for example, can pay for themselves in three months.

If you would like to know more about what we mean by a holistic view of the label process and optimization of the label process, please contact one of our specialists.

«Behind every label is an exciting application. At Selfix you will find individual labels or bespoke labels of the highest quality, stock labels and complete label solutions for industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, trade and commerce, industry and public administration. Call on us and get more out of your labels!»
Cyril Fischer