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Delivery form

Which delivery method for my labels?

The delivery form of labels is divided into the following groups:

Single labels

Sheet labels

Roll labels

zig-zag folded labels

The choice of delivery form (roll, sheet, single, fanfolded) depends on the customer's requirements or the area of application, the place of use (stationary, decentralized) and further processing.

We deliver the majority of labels in rolls. Roll labels are practical, easy to store, the production is cost-effective and the labels can be subsequently printed and/or dispensed by machine, if desired. We usually deliver roll labels weeded, i.e. the label sticks loosely to the protective paper with protruding protective paper and space between the labels for effortless peeling and sticking. This eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming peeling.

Single labels are, as the name suggests, individual labels. Single labels are used where labels are ultimately dispensed individually (= events, mailing inserts, advertising labels). We supply single labels either with a slit in the protective paper or with a peel-off tab for quick and easy removal of the label or protective paper.

We know sheet labels from A4 laser/copy/ink labels. A typical feature of sheet labels is that a number of labels of the same or a different format are arranged on a sheet. Sheet labels usually have a reinforced protective paper to achieve good flatness. This is especially important for laser labels so that the imprint works well in the laser printer.

Zig-zag folded labels are another form of delivery. Especially in combination with thermal printers and color printers with rear feed, large stacks of several thousand labels are possible.

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Cyril Fischer