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Ready-made or print labels yourself?

Ready-made labels or print labels yourself?

Ready-to-use printed labels are very popular because they are delivered ready to use and can be used immediately. The great advantage of ready-printed labels is that we, as a label manufacturer, take responsibility for the impression, color fastness, barcode readability, the correct face material, gumming and delivery form.

Anyone who buys a label printer solution for printing blank labels or for subsequent individualization of labels must first print the labels to make them ready for use, and thus also assumes responsibility for the operation of the label printer and for the success of the impression. Although modern thermal printers and color label printers are easy to use and handle, especially in combination with modern and ergonomic label software from NiceLabel/Loftware, where all print-relevant parameters are stored and thus fixed, they still require a certain degree of technical understanding.

Many applications are designed in such a way that mixed forms are used, such as pre-printed labels that are subsequently printed with variable data in direct thermal or thermal transfer printing. These mixed forms allow the use of color-printed labels with individualization on site at the customer. Such solutions are common in the food and beverage, commercial and industrial, healthcare and many other markets.

With the introduction of modern and powerful color inkjet printers, color labels can be printed in image printing even on site, whenever and wherever you need color or monochrome labels. Logistics are massively simplified because only blank labels and no variety labels are needed. The customer decides before printing which varieties or variants are printed. In certain markets, such as food and beverage, manufacturing, color label printer solutions are very popular.

Demand urgency often plays an important role in just-in-time manufacturing of food, beverage, industrial, medical or commercial products. This is where color label printing solutions really come into their own, as labels from A-Z, including types, variants, private labels, barcodes, etc., can be printed ad hoc on site at the customer's premises, immediately and at any time. The printing of the labels is shifted from the label printing company to the customer. The lead times of the label printing company are eliminated. Colored labels are therefore available immediately at any time. There is no longer any need to manage type labels, the label software takes over the control of type imprinting, and costs for clichés and type changes are eliminated. The management of the label warehouse is thus massively simplified and the TCO is correspondingly low.

Which solution set is the right one for the customer depends on many factors such as the urgency of the need, the skills of the users, the application, the number of types, the further processing and the willingness to take over the responsibility for label printing.

Selfix differs from industry peers in that we print labels ourselves as well as sell printer solutions (thermal printer solutions and color printer solutions). This enables us to design the ideal solution for your environment. In a personal conversation we will find out your requirements and build the right solution based on your needs and infrastructure. Common to all solutions is a focus on economy, ergonomics, portability and functionality.

«Behind every label is an exciting application. At Selfix you will find individual labels or bespoke labels of the highest quality, stock labels and complete label solutions for industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, trade and commerce, industry and public administration. Call on us and get more out of your labels!»
Cyril Fischer