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Adhesive materials

Which adhesive materials are available?

Labelstocks for every application. Cross-industry expertise from Selfix makes it possible.

  • Write white (paper uncoated, satin) permanent adhesive, removable, opaque
  • M-Cote (paper semi-gloss coated) permanent adhesive, removable, opaque
  • White gloss (paper glossy coated) permanent adhesive, removable, opaque
  • Pharma 60 (paper white coated), permanent
  • Thermo Eco (Thermo Eco paper), permanent, removable
  • Thermo Top (Thermo Top paper), permanent, removable, deep freeze
  • Opak white coated (Opak white coated), permanent
  • Opaque white gloss (Opaque white gloss), permanent
  • Paper white Grip (Paper white coated latex impregnated), permanent
  • Paper white Solublefix (Paper white Solublexfix), permanent
  • Paper Kraft brown (Paper Natural Bois), permanent
  • Write white (paper uncoated, satin), permanent, removable, opaque
  • M-Cote (paper coated), permanent, removable, deep freeze, extra strong
  • White gloss (paper glossy coated), permanent, removable, opaque
  • Polyester silver (Polyester silver matt), permanent
  • Polyester white (Polyester white matt), permanent
  • Data-PE (Data PE white matt), strongly adhesive
  • PE film white gloss (PE film white gloss), permanent
  • PET film PT white (PET film white -80° to +180°C" - TRANSF PET PT white), strongly adhesive
  • PP film white gloss 60 (PP film white gloss), permanent
  • PP film transparent (PP film transparent clear), permanent
  • Silk white (Silk white semi gloss), strongly adhesive
  • Paper doubletac/duplex (paper white), 2 x permanent
  • Paper silver gloss (Paper silver gloss), permanent
  • Thermoscript silver matt (Polyester silver matt 20my), permanent
  • PP Top white (PP foil white foamed), strongly adhesive
  • Primax white (Primax white Top), removable
  • Primax PO white (Primax PO white), permanent
  • Transfer Super Plus (white coated), removable
  • Paper white Solublefix (Paper white Solublexfix), permanent
  • Tyvek 75 (Tyvek 75), permanent
  • PVC film white gloss (PVC film white gloss), permanent
  • Palettfix PVC film white gloss (Palettfix PVC film white gloss), strongly adhesive
  • OPP white gloss (OPP white gloss), strongly adhesive
  • PVC Safety film white destructible (PVC Safety film white destructible 50my), permanent
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  • Thermo Eco white (paper Thermo Eco), permanent, removable
  • Thermo Top white (paper Thermo Top), permanent, removable, deep freeze
  • PP Thermo Top white (PP Thermo Top), permanent, removable
  • Synthermal (PP transparent Thermo Top), permanent
  • Paper yellow (paper yellow satin), permanent
  • Paper orange (paper orange satin), permanent
  • Paper red (paper red satin), permanent
  • Paper green (paper green satin), permanent
  • Paper fluor yellow (paper fluorescent yellow satin), permanent
  • Paper fluor orange (paper glows orange), permanent
  • Paper fluor red (paper glows red), permanent
  • Paper fluor green (paper glows green), permanent
  • Paper fluor magenta (paper fluorescent magenta satin), permanent
  • Paper silver matt (Paper silver matt), permanent, removable
  • Paper silver gloss (Paper silver gloss), permanent, removable
  • Paper gold matt (Paper gold matt), permanent
  • Paper gold gloss (Paper gold gloss), permanent
  • Paper white matt (inkjet paper white matt), permanent, removable
  • Paper white matt 100 (Inkjet paper white matt 100), permanent
  • Paper white gloss (Inkjet paper white gloss), permanent, strongly adhesive, removable
  • PP white matt (PP inkjet white matt), permanent
  • PO white matt (PO inkjet white matt), permanent
  • Paper white matt Doubletac/Duplex (Paper white matt), 2 x permanent
  • PP white matt BS5609 (PP white matt BS5609), strongly adhesive
  • Paper white matt opaque (Inkjet paper white matt opaque), permanent
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  • Paper white laser (paper white laser, kraft), permanent, removable
  • Polylaser white matt (Polylaser white matt), permanent
  • Doubletac Jetlaser white (Doubletac Jetlaser white), permanent
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  • Thermal transfer laminate transparent glossy (TT laminate transparent glossy)
  • Thermal transfer laminate transparent matt (TT laminate transparent matt)
  • Inkjet laminate PP transparent glossy (Inkjet laminate PP transparent glossy)
«Behind every label is an exciting application. At Selfix you will find individual labels or bespoke labels of the highest quality, stock labels and complete label solutions for industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, trade and commerce, industry and public administration. Call on us and get more out of your labels!»
Cyril Fischer