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What is a removable label?

What is a removable label?

Removable labels are labels that can be peeled off once they have been affixed. Often the term "removable" is confused with the detachment of the label from the protective paper. You can obtain removable labels from us with pre-print or blank in rolls, sheets or individually.

What do I have to consider with removable labels?

Since removable labels have a weaker adhesive gum than usual permanent adhesive gums, the labels must be tested under practical conditions. Labels usually need 24 hours or, if not otherwise specified by the material manufacturer, until the so-called final adhesion is reached. It can then be checked whether the label adheres sufficiently and can be removed without leaving any residue.

How long do removable labels work?

Removable labels have rubber coatings with a high rubber content. Rubber is a natural raw material and ages more quickly than conventional permanent rubber coatings. As a result, the service life is also shorter; how long must be tested individually in each case. Exposure to strong sunlight or heat can also impair removability or even make it impossible.

Can I use removable labels everywhere?

In principle, yes, although a label will only adhere as well as the label/label combination allows. For example, products such as cardboard boxes with a high silicone content (brown cardboard boxes) are partly unsuitable for removable labels, but varnished and printed cardboard boxes are.

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