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How does the warranty processing work?

Basically, the warranty agreement is between the customer and the manufacturer. This means that there may be costs for processing the warranty, if you claim the services of Selfix.

Describe the exact defect to us and we will take care of it. Please note that depending on the warranty type ("bring-in" or "on-site") it is inevitable that we have to physically have the device on-site for validation of the defect.

Warranty services are between the buyer/customer and the manufacturer of the device and vary by manufacturer and cover services to the extent of the warranty agreements on the part of the manufacturers.

The warranty period is usually 12 months unless otherwise stated in the purchase contract. Some manufacturers offer 24 months warranty if registered or otherwise agreed.

Basically, we distinguish between a) "bring-in" warranty and b) "on-site" warranty. With the "bring-in" warranty, the customer must send the device to Selfix for repair. Selfix will then organize the warranty processing. With the "on-site" warranty, Selfix provides a technician who performs the warranty work on site.

Replacement equipment is not included in warranty agreements unless otherwise agreed. Selfix focuses on the marketing of selected equipment and ensures that in the event of a warranty claim, a possible solution can be worked out to bridge the repair period. Any rental costs and labor and travel expenses are not covered by the warranty agreements unless otherwise agreed.

  • Please provide us with the device (brand, model, serial number) and invoice number.
  • Please describe the defect as precisely as possible (smeared print, missing ink, etc.).
  • A Selfix technician will then analyze the situation and give you instructions on how to fix the problem.
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Cyril Fischer