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The longest label of the SELFIX measures 4.36 meters

Selfix's longest label measures as much as a mid-size car: 4.36 meters. Read why we print such long labels in this Planzer success story.

Planzer Parcel - the new service division

As of January 2018, Planzer also runs smaller shipments: With Planzer Paket, Planzer is entering a highly exciting market, delivering parcels weighing up to 30 kg to business customers and private individuals.

For this purpose, Planzer procured 91 modern Iveco delivery vans in a first phase, which appear in a "retro look" and thus tie in with the tradition and values of the founder and pioneer, Max Planzer.

The initial situation

The loading space of the Iveco delivery trucks, which is accessible from the driver's cab, has a total of six shelves with a total of 260
defined storage locations. The delivery trucks are loaded the evening before by logistics employees. Each loading bay is scanned during the loading process so that the driver knows where each package is located the next day. The sophisticated IT solution shows the driver the storage location at all times. This saves Planzer time in finding the parcels and prevents incorrect deliveries. To mark the total of 23,660 different barcode storage location labels, Planzer Technik AG was looking for an affordable and practical label solution for shelf labeling.

No.Length (mm)No. of divisionsRepeat (mm)

Requirements for the labels

The requirements for the warehouse and logistics labels were clearly defined: A durable and long-term resistant white adhesive label had to be found so that the labels could survive possible kicks or scratches without damaging the barcodes. It quickly became clear that only digital printing would be suitable for the continuous imprint of QR codes and that only a protective laminate would provide the necessary protection against mechanical impact.

From idea to realization

In a personal dialog with the commercial manager of Planzer, Mr. Miguel Schiltknecht, the requirements were first defined and then the print data, a total of 23,660 different barcodes and individual data, were prepared in such a way that the data could be printed in series on the TAU330 UV inkjet printer. The preparation of the print data was a difficult and delicate undertaking, according to Selfix's head of information technology, especially since no errors were allowed to creep in here.

As part of a pilot phase, test labels were created, firstly to ensure that the barcodes could be read, and secondly to determine possible deviations in format length. This is because, according to Bernhard Keel, project manager at Selfix, slight deviations in length can occur with larger warehouse and logistics labels. The test labels confirmed that the TAU330 UV inkjet printer prints format-accurate even for labels several meters long.

The challenge of continuous barcodes

Printing continuous barcodes is a challenging task, as no barcodes should be missing. That is why reading tests and, above all, completeness checks are of enormous importance. Waste or rejects were a foreign word during production. When the master rolls were cut into individual rolls, great care was taken to ensure that both the width of 38mm and the length of the warehouse and logistics labels of up to 4.36m were always adhered to. For easy processing and identification of the 23,660 barcodes, the labels were packed in cartons per vehicle and labeled accordingly.

The result is impressive

Mr. Miguel Schiltknecht is enthusiastic: "The barcode labels from Selfix meet our high requirements in terms of quality, functionality, deadline and advice. Without the appropriate know-how of Selfix, we would not have been able to realize these shelf labels," continues Mr. Miguel Schiltknecht. "Especially the close and good cooperation with Selfix enabled us to realize this demanding labeling task in a very short time."


Planzer - more than transports

Thanks to our nationwide network of branches and a state-of-the-art infrastructure, Planzer delivers throughout Switzerland with passion and precision. Your parcels cover the main route by rail on our own rail network. This means that we make use of the night jump, which on the one hand gives us time advantages and on the other hand enables us to transport in an environmentally friendly way.

Planzer Transport AG is a Swiss transport and warehouse logistics company based in Dietikon. The company is fully owned by the Planzer family and employs around 5,200 people (including 200 apprentices).

Field of activity

Planzer has 50 locations in Switzerland, as well as others in Italy (1), Luxembourg (1), Germany (3), France (2), Liechtenstein (1) and an office in Hong Kong, and provides transport services in the areas of general cargo, part and full loads, overnight service, combined transport, air freight replacement transport and temperature-controlled transport with almost 1,400 vehicles. In addition, Planzer has around 1 million m² of warehouse space and offers logistics system services.

Around 50 percent of the company's turnover is accounted for by national road transports. The remaining 50 percent is divided between international transports (15 percent), special transports (10 percent) and warehousing (25 percent).


The company was founded in 1936 by Max Planzer Sr. as a haulage company for the transport of goods between Dietikon railroad station and the tradesmen of the small town and its surroundings.

in 1966 the company was transformed into a joint stock company. Two years later followed the acquisition of Euler Transport AG in Zurich. In the 1970s and 1980s, Planzer opened its first branches, among others, in Geneva, Chiasso, Basel and Zurich Airport, which are important locations for the transport of goods.

Planzer expanded into neighboring countries with the co-founding of Transito Spedition GmbH in Uettingen (Germany) in 1978 and the establishment of Planzer Trasporti S.r.L. in Como (Italy) in 1989. in 1988, the company opened its first logistics center in Kaiseraugst, followed by another in Villmergen in 1991.

in 1993, Planzer took over the transport company Gebr. Kuoni AG, founded in 1894, with locations in Chur and Samedan. in 1994, Planzer acquired a stake in Quali-Night AG, a company specializing in night services. With the foundation of Planzer Transports Sàrl in Frisange (Luxembourg) in 1995, the company further expanded its international presence. in 1996, Planzer participated in the privatization of Cargo Domizil AG in Berne, which was founded in 1981 as an operating unit of SBB.

From the late 1990s, Planzer began acquiring a whole range of smaller transport and logistics companies, growing into one of the leading companies in the logistics and transport industry in Switzerland.

in 2014, Planzer became the first transport company in Switzerland to add an electric truck to its fleet, primarily serving the larger Swiss cities .

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