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Which labels fit my label printer?

Which labels fit my thermal label printer?

The question of which labels fit your label printer is easy to determine. Give us the brand and model such as ZEBRA ZT230, ZEBRA GK 420t, etc. In most cases, you will find the corresponding device information on the back, bottom or inside the case. This information helps us to determine the exact winding instructions. By winding instructions we mean the inside or outside winding, the arrangement of the labels on the roll, i.e. crosswise or lengthwise, and the core diameter of the label roll. If the labels are printed, we need to know the text position. Here we distinguish between head or foot or text beginning or text end ahead. Pictures of the label printer and the labels used are also very informative.

The two main types of thermal printers are:

Desktop label printer

Industrial label printer

Desktop label printers usually have a 25mm diameter roll core and a label roll diameter between 100nn and 127mm. The winding is usually to the outside.

Industrial label printers typically have roll cores between 38.1 and 76mm in diameter and a label roll diameter of 203mm. The winding is usually to the outside.

Since we print and die-cut labels ourselves, you can choose the delivery form as you like. We supply roll labels from with core diameter, so inner diameter of 19mm, 25.4mm, 38.1mm, 40mm, 41mm, 50.8mm, 76.2mm and 101.6mm.

Whether you operate a Selfix label printer or a third-party brand, we are familiar with thermal printers from AVERY, BROTHER, CAB, CITIZEN, DATAMAX O'NEIL, GODEX, INTERMEC, MONARCH, PICA, PAGO, TOSHIBA, TSC, VALENTIN, ZEBRA and many others and adapt the label rolls to your label printer.

«Behind every label is an exciting application. At Selfix you will find individual labels or bespoke labels of the highest quality, stock labels and complete label solutions for industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, trade and commerce, industry and public administration. Call on us and get more out of your labels!»
Cyril Fischer